BeneTalk attracts further investment

BeneTalk has received investment from a member of Henley Business Angels (HBA), contributing towards a total funding round of £350,000.  It shows the belief in the BeneTalk product and team, and helps move the company closer to transforming the speech therapy experience for millions of people with BeneTalk’s innovative AI-driven speech-tracking technology. 

This latest investment comes on top of funds obtained from backers previously, plus grants and support received from organisations including the Microsoft AI for Good Accelerator, the British Stammering Association, Innovate UK, and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).  Further contributions from investors are in the pipeline, along with a number of health technology grants and awards, all of which are helping to propel the company’s technical and clinical R&D programmes and pre-launch activities.  

Terrific work Jordi Fernandez and team! 

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