Hello, we are BeneTalk

Welcome to our blog! At BeneTalk, we are committed to developing a Digital Coach that gives people who stutter the best coaching and real-time feedback to improve their speech and reduce struggle in communicative situations.

We’ll do our best to provide you with useful information about what we do, and what we learn throughout our long-term research to help people who stutter (PWS) all over the world. Our team will share testimonials, news, tools and stories of how our device is developing with you to help you improve the quality of your life. 

If you’re a person who stutters, a speech and language therapist/pathologist, a coach, a parent of someone who stutters or just curious about this topic, please join our newsletter and we will keep you updated! 

Our mission: Transforming the lives of everyone affected by speech and language disorders by improving their communication skills and allowing them to communicate effectively, irrespective of their geographical location, condition and financial situation.

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Jordi Fernandez, CEO