We are running a clinical study, how can you help?

Want to help create change for people who stutter around the world?‍

We are carrying out a clinical study with the University of Reading from January 2020, and you can be a part of it! Sign up here to be one of the first to try out speech and language therapy incorporating our BeneTalk device.

We are looking for 40 participants. All participants will receive a full course of the Camperdown Program, a speech restructuring method, for free! Half of the participants will wear our BeneTalk device. The therapy will be carried out remotely via Skype therapy. The only requirements that participants have to fulfil are being over 18 years old, a person who stutters, and having a good level of English proficiency. All applicants will go through a pre-selection process. Learn more in our post "Is there research evidence to support that the participants in our study will show significant progress?"‍

So what does this mean for the participants in the experimental group? Our device is a wearable belt, not visible to others so it can be used in challenging speaking situations throughout the day and no one will know if you don’t want them to. Through an app on your phone, we will provide continuous support and therapy reinforcement to help carry-over and prevent relapse. You can read more about our device here.

If you are a person who stutters, please read the information below. If you can commit to the study, do not hesitate to fill out the form and secure your place as soon as possible!

Details of our study: 

  • Start Date: 27th January 2020
  • End date: 16th September 2020
  • Duration: 8 months in total participation including follow-up assessments
  • The participants will be divided into an experimental group and a control group.
  • The experimental group will receive the BeneTalk device for free and will wear it throughout the study. 
  • Therapy Sessions: 1 hour, 2 times a week, in a group of 5 people for the first 10 weeks
  • Resource: Videoconference platform
    IMPORTANT: You need to have a good Internet connection.

The University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) at the University of Reading has approved the study ethics (on date 11/28/2019).

Our mission is drastically and effectively improve the lives of people who stutter around the world.

Be a part of it! Sign up here.


Christiane Dehnhardt