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BeneTalk is a revolutionary app, discreet wearable and speech therapy that unlocks the full potential of people who stutter.

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Continuous maintenance and preventative reinforcement that helps you stay on track.

Personalised Content
Discreet Wearable
Speech Therapy

Personalised Content

We tailor your content and exercises to your individual needs via our app.

Nudges and encouragement by our Speech Buddy (Bene) will improve your confidence and give you emotional support. The app can be customised so you can adapt your own learning experience - slow and steady or more intensive - whichever feels best for you.


Discreet Wearable

Our groundbreaking discreet wearable is the first product that provides out-of-clinic therapy by combining real-time feedback with performance history tracking, therefore becoming a virtual coach that continuously monitors your speaking patterns, enhancing your awareness to create new habits that will improve your quality of life. The wearable is not visible to others so it can be used in any challenging speaking situations.

Compared to other computerized feedback devices and apps used a few hours per day for dedicated speech practice, BeneTalk continuously reminds you to apply your speech techniques, helping you to gain control in every possible scenario.


Speech Therapy

Our team of experienced and specialised speech and language therapists offers tailor made, state-of-the-art online therapy based on the Camperdown Program for people who stutter. Following an in-depth assessment, we offer a personalised treatment plan, including individual or group therapy sessions, peer support groups and the benefits of the BeneTalk digital environment. Clients make faster progress with our evidence-based therapy methods and haptic feedback from our device. They are able to practice in between sessions with our app, log their results and can literally see how they grow in confidence and speaking ability.

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BeneTalk helps people who stutter better understand how they are speaking and to be more consistent in practicing techniques that can reinforce traditional speech therapy. We like to use the example of a "Fitbit" for speech.

Dr. David Ward, Speech and Language Therapist, Director of Clinical Speech Research at the University of Reading and author of the book “Stuttering and Cluttering” (2017), wrote:

There are many ways to help manage stammering [stuttering] in adulthood. Regardless of the processes involved, clients often find particular difficulty in managing and self-monitoring the various fluency enhancing strategies being learned, both during the therapy period and once direct intervention has finished and techniques and procedures need to be implemented in everyday situations, away from the supportive environment of the fluency clinician. The BeneTalk device has the potential to be of benefit in this endeavour – providing the client with online feedback on linguistic and physiological changes associated with successful outcomes of the therapy program.

Norbert Lieckfeldt, CEO of the British Stammering Association from 2000 and 2018, said the following on this video.


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"Team BeneTalk are proud to announce that we are part of the Microsoft UK "AI For Good" tech startup programme."

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Finlay Fletcher
Hardware Engineer
Katie Western
Speech and Language Therapist
Ayo Adesanya
Community Manager
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does BeneTalk work for people with a severe stutter?
Our BeneTalk device is suitable for any level of stuttering, from very mild to severe. It is designed to assist the transfer of speech therapy techniques from the clinic to everyday contexts. Many people who stutter struggle with this and we believe a wearable device can serve as a bridge between speech therapy room and real-world communication. This means they can be learnt quicker and make interaction easier.
Can teenagers use BeneTalk?
BeneTalk is suitable from the age of 12. It is most effective for young people who have previously learned a speech technique in therapy. To make sure that underage users get the most out of the device, it is best if an adult could supervise the initial setup and check that they are using it correctly.
Is BeneTalk only for People Who Stutter?
No, it can also be used for other cases and by other groups of people. If you would like to use it in other contexts please get contact us at
Can I use BeneTalk with other languages?
We plan for BeneTalk to support as many languages as possible. Our technology is language agnostic and can be adapted to new linguistic environments. Our first approach will be to launch BeneTalk in English only, and then we plan to quickly follow up with releases in Spanish and Arabic (by the end of 2020). Therefore, unless your level of spoken English is proficient, the BeneTalk device will not work for you at this point.
How does the device work and how will it help my stutter?
BeneTalk is like a ‘Fitbit’ for speech, which you wear with a comfortable belt around the chest. While the BeneTalk device does the tracking, our app will give you real- time feedback and show you progress reports. With the help of the app, you will be able to learn speech techniques and get immediate feedback on how you are doing. It will help you to set realistic goals, remind you to practice and to encourage you to use your speech technique during the day, so new correct habits are built.
How exactly will knowing what my breathing and speaking patterns are like stop me from stuttering?
Our device is designed to tell you, amongst other things, how fast you are speaking, and this alone is very valuable information. All speech techniques for people who stutter have one thing in common: they aim to lower the speech rate. So even without any form of previous or current speech therapy, the device will help you to speak more slowly and stutter less. If you do already know a speech technique or are in the process of learning it, then our BeneTalk device really comes into its own. You can calibrate the device to recognise the speech and breathing pattern you are aiming for and will give you real-time and long-term feedback on whether you are using your technique successfully.
What exactly will the device track?
BeneTalk tracks your particular breathing and speaking habits as well as your heartbeat during the day.
Do you offer direct speech therapy sessions?
From April 2020, our specialist speech and language therapists will be offering online therapy sessions for people who stutter. You will be able to choose between an individual and group format. All of the details and prices will be public soon, please join our Facebook group for the latest updates.

We will soon launch our free BeneTalk app which, together with the BeneTalk device, will be like your personal speech therapist and coach in your pocket. The app will teach you effective techniques to gain control over your speech and to reduce anxiety connected with stuttering. It will remind you to practice and show you your daily progress, gathered by the BeneTalk device. In addition to this, the BeneTalk device will give you immediate feedback on your breathing and speech, as a speech therapist would. Our team of speech and language therapists will provide you with guidance and feedback for a monthly subscription.
When are you going to have your device ready?
The device will be introduced in the first month of the research study.
How does the device transit data?
Data is sent over the common Bluetooth Low Energy protocol.
Could the device interfere with other electrical or communication devices?
Just as Bluetooth earphones occasionally experience glitches in the sound, the BeneTalk device sends and receives on a common radio frequency spectrum and may interact with other devices that use that same frequency.
How often does the device need charging? And for how long?
It is recommended to charge the BeneTalk wearable daily for several hours.
How does the device connect to the app? Will other people be able to intercept the data?
Connections are made using Bluetooth Low Energy, which means that some basic pairing and other security is in place. It may be possible to intercept the transmissions if someone is within 30 metres of the device, but data is only being transmitted between the wearable and the app when using the app. The data stored and transmitted to the app is extremely compressed, so it contains very little information of value outside of the speech tracking we are using it for. There is no way to extract the content of what was said by the user from the stored data.
Will the device interfere with electronic devices in my workplace?
Only as much as a Bluetooth headset might or something similar.
How many hours a day do I need to wear the device for?
In principle: the more you practice, the faster you will see progress. Ideally, you will be wearing the device all day or at least in all speaking situations. As a minimum, we recommend wearing it for 4 hours every day.
Do I have access to the raw data from the device?
In concept, this will be possible. We are planning to give you access to something that is a little different from just raw data to help you understand and organize it.
How does it work out your breathing patterns? Does It use a microphone to do so?
The BeneTalk device records your breathing with a motion sensor. It does not record the sound of breathing but rather the up and down movement of your chest.
Can BeneTalk cure stuttering?
No, a cure for stuttering does not exist. Stuttering is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder and science cannot yet change the structure and function of the brain of people who stutter. What BeneTalk can do is help you control your stutter, reduce your struggle, boost your confidence and unlock your potential. It acts as a daily and real-time companion to help reinforce your desired speaking patterns. The more you practice with BeneTalk, the more control you can gain over your speech!
How long do I need to use it to see changes in my speech?
That depends on how intensively you train. We think that if you wear the device for 4 hours a day and read the reports provided by the app then you will see definite positive changes within two months. As BeneTalk is the first device of its kind, the exact benefits and recommended usage will become clearer as we progress. This is why our clinical study is so important and we are looking forward to building on the results once they are published.
Which techniques does BeneTalk use to make changes to speech?
You can calibrate BeneTalk to practice with your own speech technique. This means you can give BeneTalk an example of how you want to speak throughout the day and it will let you know if you are hitting your objectives or not. You could do this individually, or ideally with the help of a speech and language specialist. Our free BeneTalk app (available from April 2020) will include a prolonged speech method BeneTalk Digital Environment and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques that you can work through at your own pace.
Do you know if the Camperdown Program is similar to McGuire or does it use different techniques?
The Camperdown Program uses a prolonged speech method which is easy to learn and highly effective. It is very unlike the McGuire technique, which mainly focuses on breathing.
How can I contact BeneTalk?
Do you have a question we can help you with? Or maybe a suggestion you think we should take on board? Whatever it is, we would love to hear from you. Contact us at
How will the device support research into stuttering?
The BeneTalk device can be worn across a wide range of communicative contexts, this means that anonymous data collected can be used to paint a broad picture of the speaking habits of people who stutter. The insight provided by such information can improve our understanding of how to support individuals, as well as the stuttering community as a whole. Previous research suggests technological approaches can make a difference to people who stutter, as well as others. Take a look at our blogpost to learn more:
How will the research studies be organised?
Our first study will start at the end of January 2020 with the University of Reading. Participants will receive a full course of the Camperdown Program, which has extensively documented positive outcomes via telehealth (e.g. Skype). The participants will be split into two groups; both will receive the same speech therapy programme, however members in one group will wear the BeneTalk device. This will allow us to evaluate the success of the device in reinforcing the skills learnt in the speech therapy session. The results of the data analysis will be presented at the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) Convention in San Diego and discussed in a research paper published after the study is completed.